HP Deskjet 6988dt Printer - Ink-backup mode

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Ink-backup mode

Use the ink-backup mode to operate the printer with only one print cartridge. The ink-
backup mode is initiated when a print cartridge is removed from the print cartridge cradle.

Ink-backup mode output

Printing in ink-backup mode slows the printer and affects the quality of printouts.

Installed print


Black print cartridge

Colors print as grayscale.

Tri-color print cartridge

Colors print but black is grayed and is not a true black.

Photo print cartridge

Colors print as grayscale.

Gray photo print

Colors print as grayscale.


HP does not recommend using the photo print cartridge or the gray photo

print cartridge for ink-backup mode.

Chapter 3


HP Deskjet 6980 series

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Exit ink-backup mode

Install two print cartridges in the printer to exit ink-backup mode.
For instructions about installing a print cartridge, see the

print cartridge installation