HP Deskjet 6988dt Printer - Automatic paper-type sensor

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Automatic paper-type sensor

The HP automatic paper-type sensor detects the paper in the printer, and then selects
optimal print settings for that media. The result is fewer mouse clicks to start printing,
and automatic optimal print quality on plain, photo, brochure and other high-quality
papers. The sensor also checks the paper width to ensure it matches the size selected
in the printer software. If the widths are different, the printer warns you so that you do
not waste a sheet of paper.
When the auto paper-type sensor is engaged, the printer uses a red optical sensor light
to scan the first page of a document and determine the best paper-type setting and check
paper width. If the paper width is different from the printer software, the printer warns you
and gives you the opportunity to stop printing. If the width matches, the printer determines
the paper-type setting and the page is printed.


The Automatic Paper-Type Sensor is not available for documents that are

printed from the 250-Sheet Plain Paper Tray Accessory or the Auto Two-Sided
Print Accessory with Small Paper Tray.

For more information about using the automatic paper-type setting, see

Select a paper




Do not place the printer in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can interfere

with the auto paper-type sensor.

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