HP Deskjet 6988dt Printer - Print cartridge recovery

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Print cartridge recovery

Customers interested in recycling their genuine HP print cartridges can participate in
HP's Planet Partner's Program for inkjet cartridges. HP offers this program in more
countries/regions than any other inkjet cartridge manufacturer in the world. This program
is provided as a free service to HP customers as an environmentally sound solution for
these products at end-of-life.

User's guide


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To participate, simply follow the directions provided on HP's Web site at this address:


. This service is not available in all countries/regions. Customers

may be asked for their name, phone number, and address.
Because HP's unique recycling processes are very sensitive to material contamination,
we cannot take back and recycle cartridges from other manufacturers. The end products
of the recycling process are used in the manufacture of new products, and HP must
ensure the composition of the material is consistent. To do that, we recycle only HP
original cartridges. This program does not extend to refilled cartridges.
Returned cartridges are separated for purification into raw materials for use in other
industries to manufacture new products. Examples of products made from recycled HP
print cartridge materials include automobile parts, trays used in microchip fabrication
processes, copper wire, steel plates, and the precious materials used in electronics.
Depending on the model, HP is able to recycle up to 65% of the print cartridge by weight.
The remaining parts that cannot be recycled (ink, foam, and composite parts) are
disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

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