HP Deskjet 6988dt Printer - Wireless profiles

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Wireless profiles

A wireless profile is a set of network settings unique to a given wireless network.
Many wireless devices have configuration utilities that allows the device to have wireless
profiles for several wireless networks. In order to use the printer, the computer must be
set to the profile for the printer's wireless network.


Not all wireless devices support multiple profiles.

The printer only supports one wireless profile.


A person uses the same wireless-enabled laptop at work and at home. They have one
wireless network at work, and another wireless network at home
Each network has a unique set of wireless settings. The person creates the following
wireless profiles on the laptop:


: Contains the network settings for the office wireless network


: Contains the network settings for the home wireless network

Wireless network




Network name: office

Communication mode: infrastructure

Security: WPA

Authentication: WPA/PSK



Network name: home

Communication mode: ad hoc

Security: WEP

Authentication: Open System

User's guide


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When the laptop is being used at work, the person must set the wireless profile to at_work
in order to connect to the office network.
Conversely, the laptop must be set to the at_home wireless profile when the person is
at home and wants to connect the laptop to the home network.