HP Deskjet 6988dt Printer - Embedded Web server (EWS)

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Embedded Web server (EWS)

The embedded Web server (EWS) provides a simple way to manage the printer on a

Use the printer's EWS to do the following:

Check the printer's status.

Adjust the printer's network configuration.

Check estimated ink levels in the print

View network statistics.

Configure the printer's

wireless security




Bluetooth settings

Visit HP's Web site for support
information and to purchase supplies.


It is recommended that the printer and the computers that use it be on

the same


. Printer installation across subnets can be problematic

depending on the type of router used.

Before using the printer's internal Web page, verify that the printer and the computer are
powered on and connected to the network.

Chapter 4



HP Deskjet 6980 series

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Open the Embedded Web Server

Follow these steps to open the printer's internal Web page:

Launch the Internet browser.
Use Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher or Netscape 4.75 or higher.


Enter either the printer's

IP address


host name

in the browser's address box.


If the printer is on a different


than the computer, enter the

printer's IP address (for example: in the browser's
address box to open the embedded Web server. Also, if the computer uses
a proxy server to access the Internet, you might need to configure the
browser to by-pass the proxy server in order to access the EWS.

If you do not know the printer IP address or host name,

print an HP Report page



Use caution when changing the print server's wireless network

settings; you can lose the connection. If you lose the connection, you might need
to use the new settings to reconnect. If the printer loses its network connection,
you might need to reset it to factory defaults and reinstall the software.