HP Deskjet 6988dt Printer - Bluetooth wireless printing

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Bluetooth wireless printing

Use an optional HP Bluetooth Wireless Printer Adapter to print images from most
Bluetooth devices to the printer without a cable connection. Simply insert the Bluetooth
adapter (also known as a


) into the front USB port of the printer and print from a

Bluetooth device such as a PDA, camera phone, or computer. For more information, see
the documentation included with the adapter.

User's guide


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Configure the Bluetooth settings on the printer

by using either the printer's embedded

web server (EWS) or the printer Toolbox, depending on whether the printer is connected
to a network.
The basic procedure for printing from any device with Bluetooth wireless technology is
the same:


Have the device search for available Bluetooth printers.


Select the printer when it is displayed on the device.



Check the documentation that came with the device for detailed instructions.